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 Our Personality and Engagement Questionnaires will help you understand more about yourself, focus your career choices and achieve your personal goals.

If you are...

  • Interested in your personal development
  • Preparing for an upcoming assessment (or have a university related project)
  • Considering a change of career
  • Inquisitive about yourself

... you're in the right place.

In just 25 minutes from now we will provide you with a deep insight into your behavioural preferences (personality) and what really drives your personal connection to an employer (engagement). There is a lot of science behind the questionnaires which is why large organisations use them in recruitment to identify people who are best suited to their requirements – for a change you can be in the driving seat.

What will you get?

Full and detailed reports on your Personality preferences and Engagement facilitators in the world of work.

Personality Premium Report
The premium report contains a full "expert" narrative to aid your understanding, as well as giving insight into your likely team types and work preferences.

» View Sample Personality Premium Report Document opens in new window

Connect Premium Report

The report provides you with detailed insight into what is most important to you and makes you feel engaged at work. This information will help to focus career choice and open up an honest conversation about the environment that you are currently or likely to be working in.

» View Sample Connect Premium Report Document opens in new window

Supporting Workbooks
We know that you will find the reports fascinating - but that’s just the start. We want you to gain real insight and achieve your goals. You will have access to a range of workbooks that will help you really understand your results and provide you with a thought provoking structure to make sure you can take constructive action.

Get started

The process is incredibly simple:

  • Fill in a form with some basic information (your name, and email address).

  • Use your PayPal account (or credit/ debit card) to pay £7.50 or equivalent in your local currency.

  • Complete the questionnaires from your Assessment Hub

    • Personality Questionnaire takes around 15 minutes to complete
    • Connect (Engagement) Questionnaire about 10 minutes.

  • Access your Personal Premium Reports online, save to PDF or print your reports.

(We will never pass your results onto third parties and your data is totally secure).

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