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 Our 360 reports are extremely easy to use and have been designed to aid interpretation and face-to-face feedback. All reports are available from within the Assessment Manager that we will create for you.

Management & Leadership 360 Reports

There are five reports available. The table below shows exactly what each report includes:



Premium Feedback
Competency Leadership Performance
Introduction O O O O O
Feedback Overview O O O O  
Detailed Feedback Analysis O   O    
Transactional & Transformational Leadership O     O  
Performance Profile O       O
Feedback Comments O O O O O

Report Descriptions

  • Premium Report
    All of the reports listed below in one comprehensive report.

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  • Leadership Report
    Competencies grouped according to our Transactional & Transformational leadership models

    » View Leadership Report

Professional & Graduate 360 Report

There is currently one comprehensive report available for our Professional & Graduate 330.

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Bespoke Reports & 360 Questionnaires

We can tailor the reports to your branding or maybe you would like a report that links our content with your competency framework or maybe you want something else. Please see contact us for more information.

Organisations using our services include:

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