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Partner Programme

» Sell our service & be really rewarded

 We've built pretty much the most rewarding partnership programme around. You can earn 25% a year for the life of every customer you refer to us, yes, every customer.


Is there any limit to how much I can make?
No. The more you sell, the more you earn. And with a revenue stream of 25% from each customer you send our way that can add up quickly.

How and when do I get paid?
You'll be paid at the point the service becomes active and then every year thereafter. You can be paid via online bank transfer, PayPal or a good ole fashioned cheque in a currency of your choice.

How do you track organisations that I refer?
Upon joining our Partner Programme you'll receive a special link. Anyone who follows your unique link, signs up and becomes an active client after the 30 day trial will be credited to your Partnership Account. We'll give you access to your Partnership Account to monitor who has signed up and when payments are due.

If a client signs up for a plan and then upgrades, will I be paid for the upgraded plan?
Absolutely. You'll see the credit reflected in your Partnership Account.

Join the Partnership Programme

Please contact us and we'll get you set-up within a few days.

Organisations using our services include:

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