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 We provide both ipsative and normative versions of our Personality Questionnaire. Click here to find our more about each type.

The Personality Questionnaires have been developed by great{with}talent to the same standards as “premium” price questionnaires sold into the corporate market. They are based on the universally approved 'Big 5' model of personality.

For the candidate they take between 15 - 25 minutes to complete and provides fantastic reports in less than 30 seconds from completion. Click here for more information on the reports or have a peek:

How does your organisation access the service/questionnaires?

We will create a unique account for your organisation. This will provide secure access to our Assessment Manager, where you manage candidates, choose the appropriate assessments, send email invites and view reports. As more products and reports become available we will add them to your account.

Please click here to start the process of creating an account – it really will only take a few minutes.

What are the report options?

Currently there are seven personality reports that are available as standard, click here for more details.

What is a questionnaire like to complete?

If you would like to see the questionnaire in action (and generate a report on yourself) please click here.

In an ideal world all of our assessments would be delivered electronically - it is highly efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly. However we do appreciate that in the real world it can be difficult to find enough computers to deal with larger numbers of candidates and that some people prefer to use more traditional approaches. With this in mind we have created a paper version of the questionnaire for those organisations who would like the option. How it works:

  • We will give you access to a PDF versions of the Questionnaire Booklets and Answer Sheets. You print as many as you need, there are no fees and no volume limits.

  • When candidates complete the questionnaire you have two options:

    • Have someone in your organisation enter the results via the Assessment Manager and then generate reports


    • Use our Bureau Service by simply posting or faxing the answer sheet to us and we will do the rest - including sending you PDF's of the reports. Fees apply for this service.

Don't believe us?

A lot of people we have spoken to can’t quite believe that FindingPotential is available free of charge. We assure you there are no usage limits, no time limits, no plan to “get you hooked” and start charging. If you would like to talk to someone about any of this to put you mind at ease please contact us.

Organisations using our services include:

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