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Frequently Asked Questions

It has been agreed by psychologists that using multiple assessments results in a significantly better understanding of an individual than just using one assessment. For example, using one ability test doesn’t give any insight into an individual’s behaviour at work. Using just one personality questionnaire won’t help you understand a candidate’s numerical capability.

Using multiple assessments simply gives you the most complete picture. It's common sense and good science. But very few organisations use multiple assessments because our industry makes it impossibly expensive.

We are different. We really want to help you make the very best people choices and stop letting budget get in the way of doing the right thing.


Nothing. Just complete the form here and a unique account will be created for your organisation. We'll email you all the information you need to start using the service and we will add on your logo.

Your new account will contain all of the assessments detailed on this website.

Nothing. We only charge you once a questionnaire has been successfully completed. If you invite someone to complete an assessment and they don’t do it, you don’t get charged.

Nothing. We only charge once per candidate for one completed questionnaire – you can generate as many reports as you wish.

No. The system is very simple to use and you just need a few minutes to read the user guides. We provide supporting workbooks to help you get the most out of the the reports and we provide free user support – so give us a call and you will talk to a real person who is interested in helping. We are also very happy to do some training with you if you wish.

  • You can assess up to 10 candidates on our core range of assessments (or 3 on the 360 questionnaires) free of charge.
  • We will top up your account every year with 100 assessment units - enough to assess 10 people for free.
  • If you need to assess more than 10 people you will need to purchase additional assessment units.
  • You purchase assessment units from us in advance. You can do this within your account. You can pay with a credit card or we can send an invoice.
  • There is a minimum purchase of 100 assessment units, which will be £100 – but assessment units are not time limited and never expire


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