Make the best hiring and development decisions.

Our passion is to provide assessments that are highly predictive of workplace performance, that are really simple to use, provide an amazing experience for the candidate and drive employee engagement.

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 Why use FindingPotential?

Recruit people that perform well and are more likely to stay
Develop people to maximise their potential
Expert advice to help you make great decisions
Exceptional candidate experience


 What do I get?

Access to a range of assessments with proven science, leading edge technology and world class design. Includes ability tests, situational judgement tests, personality questionnaires, candidate “fit” evaluation, sifting questionnaires, 360's, and a unique individual engagement questionnaire.


 How does it work?

It takes 1 minute to create an account and we do the rest. We will set-up your unique user account, send you all the information you need to get started and even add your logo to reports and questionnaires for free. Your account is pre-loaded with assessment units to try the system.

Organisations using our services include:

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