We have two 360 competency models – one specifically focused on Management & Leadership roles and the other on Professional & Graduate roles. They have been designed by occupational psychologists with a huge amount of research knowledge and practical experience of using 360 questionnaires in organisations.


Management & Leadership

We measure eleven leadership and management competencies, grouped into three core areas of:

  • Managing Self
  • Managing Others
  • Managing the Business.

We provide the Self and their Manager the opportunity to rate how important each of the competencies are to the job.

We also measure Performance - focusing on four key areas (Clarity, Confidence, Enablement and Impact) that drive organisational performance. Additionally raters are asked to provide qualitative feedback.

Professional & Graduate

We measure sixteen competencies proven to underpin workplace effectiveness, grouped into the following competency areas:

  • Relationship Management
  • Execution Focus
  • Personal Effectiveness

Additionally, raters are asked to provide qualitative feedback.

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