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» 360 Introduction

 We have developed two 360 questionnaires – one specifically focused on Management & Leadership roles and the other a more general Professional & Graduate questionnaire. Both have been developed to the same standards as “premium” price 360 questionnaires and systems sold into the corporate market. They have been designed by occupational psychologists with a huge amount of research knowledge and practical experience of using 360 questionnaires in organisations.

For the Focus (or 'self') and all raters (manager, direct reports, colleagues and others), the questionnaire takes around 15 minutes to complete and provides users with fantastic outputs in less than 60 seconds. Click here for more information on the reports or have a peek:

Management & Leadership

Professional & Graduate


Management & Leadership

  • Eleven leadership and management competencies grouped into three core competency areas of Managing Self, Managing Others and Managing the Business. We also provide the Focus and their Manager the opportunity to rate how important each of the competencies are to the job.
  • Performance - focusing on four key areas (Clarity, Confidence, Enablement and Impact) that drive organisational performance.
  • Additionally, raters are asked to provide qualitative feedback.

» Click here to view detailed descriptions of the competencies measured in Management & Leadership 360.

Professional & Graduate

  • Sixteen competencies proven to underpin workplace effectiveness grouped into competency areas of Relationship Management, Execution Focus and Personal Effectiveness
  • Raters are asked to provide qualitative feedback.

» Click here to view detailed descriptions of the competencies measured in Professional & Graduate 360.

Administering 360

We've done our research and gathered feedback from people who use 360 systems. Much of the feedback relates to how cumbersome and difficult the systems are to use from an administration process. We have used this feedback to create an administration system that is clear, easy to use and quick to master. You will need to have the user guide beside you the first time you use it, but you will be up and running within 5 minutes.

How does your organisation access our 360 service?

We will create a unique account for your organisation. This will provide secure access to our FindingPotential Assessment Manager, where you manage candidates, choose the appropriate assessments, send email invites and view reports. As more products and reports become available we will add them to your account.

Organisations using our services include:

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