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 FindingPotential is a range of assessment products provided by great{with}talent, the engagement specialist. To find out more about great{with}talent click here.

(The short story: great{with}talent's focus is helping organisations increase levels of employee engagement and reduce unwanted staff turnover, we achieve this through deployment of a unique range of products. We've been doing this since 2003, have been the market leaders and provide unrivalled candidate and user experiences. We have a superb record in supporting service delivery and adding real value to our customers. We learnt the basics of our business at companies like SHL and SAP; now we just do it better.)

FindingPotential launched in 2009, since then the service has been used by over 3000 organisations around the world. We have seen tens of thousands of people complete questionnaires for recruitment and personal learning/ development.

Why has the service been so widely adopted?

There are always two sides to any story. Our starting point (and ongoing obsession) was to create a service that:

  • Made reliable, valid assessments available to every organisation
  • Was simple and quick for users/administrators
  • Felt like a positive and professional experience for every candidate
  • Applied great design (it matters and reflects on your brand)
  • Responded to users and candidates in the way we wished support departments responded
  • Based on great technology... that just works.

Client Feedback

Ambition is one thing, delivery quite another. To make sure that we are on track we check in with our users on a regular basis (some of the best service enhancements have come from this feedback):

  • General feedback [SHOW | HIDE]

  • Our responsiveness to user requests [SHOW | HIDE]

  • Quality of our reports [SHOW | HIDE]

  • Quality of the supporting materials [SHOW | HIDE]

  • Ease of use [SHOW | HIDE]

  • How well the service lives up to the promises made [SHOW | HIDE]

We hope our client feedback gives you the confidence to create an account and start using FindingPotential.

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