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 FindingPotential is a range of assessment products provided by great{with}talent. To find out more about great{with}talent click here.

At great{with}talent we love what we do and we try to make a real difference. We measure people at all points of the employee life-cycle: Assessment, Referencing, OnBoarding, D&I, Engagement and Exit. We have been doing it since 2003.

We have all worked at SHL (Saville and Holdsworth) which was, at the time, the leading light in the development and mass adoption of psychometric assessment as a predictor of workplace performance. Since then various members of the team have worked for Korn Ferry, Hay Group, TalentQ, SAP, etc. We have poured our knowledge and experience into FindingPotential, which launched in 2009 and has been used by over 3000 organisations around the world. We have seen hundreds of thousands of people complete our questionnaires for recruitment and personal learning/ development.

Client Feedback

To make sure that we are on track we check in with our users on a regular basis we have captured some comments in the sections below:

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We hope our client feedback gives you the confidence to create a free account and start using FindingPotential.

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