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 Connect is primarily designed to provide a very different view of people who have applied to join your organisation. In many cases the recruitment process is focused on ensuring that the individual has the skills, ability, competencies and behaviours required to perform "the task" required in post. All of which is perfectly sensible. However, great recruitment decisions ensure that there is a fit between what is important to the individual and the environment the organisation offers.

Connect is typically used at the final stage of the recruitment process (short list stage) where you have a number of candidates who are all capable of completing "the tasks" required of them. The challenge being to understand which of these is more likely to be engaged working within your organisation. Connect identifies each candidates key engagement drivers allowing you to compare your organisation to the candidate’s needs. For example, if your organisation typically demands longer hours than the standard working week understanding that a candidate particularly values work life balance is a very useful part of the final interview stage. Equally, recruiting an individual who feels that that learning and development opportunities are critical into an environment where this is not well supported will potentially result in disengagement or resignation.

Connect will help you match new hires to the environment your organisation has created.

Other Applications:

  • Internal Movers – Ensuring that a promotion or a complete change in role is successful.

  • Career Progression – Supporting employees who are unsure of what they want to do next, helping to understand what is important to individuals and ultimately retain your talent.

It takes around 10 minutes to complete and provides a fantastic report.

We have produced a number of supporting workbooks for our Connect Questionnaire. If you have any questions at all about FindingPotential Connect and how you can take advantage of this innovative questionnaire please do not hesitate to contact us.

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