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 Our Drivers Questionnaire has been designed to help managers and HR understand engagement from the perspective of each individual employee.

Organisationally driven applications often focus on the “key contributors” and “talent” that the organisation needs to retain and ensure high levels of engagement. An increasingly popular application is within organisations who are encouraging people to take more ownership for their own development. The questionnaire is made available to help individuals gain deeper personal insight and identify the critical actions to share with their manager or HR.

Why is engagement important?

There is a wealth of research that demonstrates why employee engagement is crucial to organisational success, so the following is a simple reminder of some of the key facts:

1. Increased Performance

  • It is a key driver of ‘discretionary effort’ (going beyond what is expected of me), which is a key driver of performance
  • Organisations with highly engaged employees have 18% higher productivity and 12% higher profitability

2. Enhanced Brand Image

  • Engaged employees are four times more likely to recommend their organisation as a great place to work and its services/products to others
  • New employees recruited via an existing employee will perform better and stay for longer than those recruited via recruitment agencies or campaigns

3. Reduced Attrition

  • A huge source of direct and indirect organisational cost, with studies showing that real cost is up to four times salary. For example:
    • A field sales person leaving costs a global software organisation up to $3m in lost revenue over 2 years
    • The total cost of attrition at a major charity is the equivalent of 2 to 3 x their biggest national fundraising campaign

4. Reduced Unnecessary Business Costs

  • Disengaged employees take three times more sick days than engaged employees
  • Organisations with low engagement levels have 62% more accidents and 51% higher levels of employee theft.


At the cornerstone of great{with}talent's products is a well researched model of occupational enagement and retention. The model comprises fourteen areas known to affect levels of engagement of people within organisations. Using this underlying model, Drivers takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and measures the following:

What drives you
This is how important a candidate judges the fourteen areas in terms of maintaining their commitment to any organisation. This is a fundamental measure of engagement.

Your experience
Each of the fourteen areas are rated in terms of current satisfaction/experience. Ideas from the candidate for actions/interventions that will increase engagement are prompted where low satisfaction is indicated.

Your performance – the extent to which the candidate has:

  • Clarity - how clear they are in relation to what is expected and how performance is measured.
  • Confidence - the extent to which they feel they will be successful.
  • Enablement - the extent to which they feel that the organisation provides the necessary support to be successful.

Engagement level
Whether the candidate is engaged, disillusioned or considering leaving the organisation.


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