New Hire Questionnaire

» Engage, retain and nurture your new hires

 You have just spent a large amount of time, effort and money recruiting a new person into your organisation. You proposed and they accepted - it's all flowers and smiles at this stage. But how often have you seen new hires struggle to perform, or leave within months of joining? The New Hire Questionnaire helps to prevent this happening.

The New Hire Questionnaire takes 10 minutes to complete and produces clear, high quality report highlighting levels of engagement and performance.

Example Reports

  • Personal New Hire Reports
    These reports enable you to focus on factors that are impacting on engagement levels and capability of newly recruited employees. It has been designed for use in conversations with individuals.

    »  View example personal report

  • Identify if your new hires are engaged or at risk of leaving.
  • Ensure the induction process worked as it should.
  • Set people up to be confident, competent and contribute quickly.

The Benefits

Save Time

  • Quickly identify risks and processes that just don’t deliver.
  • You and your team spend less time recruiting to replace new hires.

Save Money

  • Providing a consistent method of understanding new hire engagement provides the insight to reduce attrition, recruitment costs and make your organisation perform better.

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