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 Personality is something that we all assess and describe every day. When we talk about ourselves and others, we frequently refer to different characteristics of an individual's personality. Psychologists do much the same thing in the assessment of personality, but on a much more systematic and scientific level. Unsurprisingly the link between personality and job performance is compelling. It is important to realise that there is no such thing as a "right" or "wrong" personality - but some peoples behavioural preferences (personality) are better suited to some tasks.

FindingPotential Personality questionnaires have been based on the universally approved 'Big 5' model of personality and will help organisations and individuals to better understand behavioral preferences in the working environment.

We provide both ipsative and normative versions of our Personality Questionnaire. Click here to find out more about each type. For the candidate they take between 15 - 25 minutes to complete and provide fantastic reports in less than 30 seconds from completion.

Intuitive and insightful outputs

Our personality questionnaires have been designed to produce a number of different outputs for different applications. You will be able to generate all of the reports from within the Assessment Manager that we will create for you.

The table below shows exactly what each report includes:


Candidate Reports

Recruiter Reports


Standard Premium Standard Premium Profile Only
Introduction O O O O O
Personality Profile   O O O O
Personality Expert Narrative   O   O  
» Social Desirability       O  
Big 5 Profile O O O O  
Big 5 Expert Narrative O O   O  
» Work Preferences O O   O  
» Possible Jobs O O      
Team Types Profile   O O O  
What Next O O O O  


Candidate Reports

There are two reports that are intended for use by the individual either as feedback or to support learning & development activities.

  • Standard Report: This short report includes an overview of the individual's "Big Five" profile, supporting interpretation and work preferences. This is the report that can be automatically sent to all candidates if you wish.

    » View Candidate Standard Report

  • Premium Report: The premium report contains a more detailed breakdown of the candidate responses, a full "expert" narrative to aid interpretation, team types and work preferences. This report is built to support individual learning and development. We are also providing workbooks to support the individuals understanding of the results.

    » View Candidate Premium Report

Recruiter Reports

We have created three reports that are of particular use to recruiters:

  • Profile Only: This option simply produces the FindingPotential Profile Chart. We would suggest this is of most use to experienced users of personality questionnaires.

    » View Recruiter Profile Report

  • Standard: Providing a little more information than the Profile report the Standard version produces all three profile charts - the 16 Factor profile, "Big 5" profile and Team Types.

    » View Recruiter Standard Report

  • Premium: The Premium report provides all of the profile charts found in the Standard version but also provides a much more detailed set of interpretation notes and expert narratives to support the less experienced user.

    » View Recruiter Premium Report

Management & Leadership Styles Report

Our Leadership and Management Styles Expert Report has been created to provide leaders with a practical, tangible insight into their preferred leadership and management style. The output will add value to a range of initiatives including executive coaching, inducting new senior managers, as part of leadership development programmes or career planning conversations. For more detailed information, click here.

» View Management & Leadership Styles Report

Competency Report

Our Competency Report "translates" personality scores into a set of 16 individual competencies (behaviours) that support the achievement of your organisations objectives. For more detailed information on the Competency Model, click here .

» View Competency Report

Bespoke Reports

We can tailor the reports to your branding or maybe you would like a report that links our content with your competency framework or maybe you want something else. Please see contact us for more information.

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