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 We have tried to keep the pricing really simple but do appreciate that you might want some help to work out the costs for your organisation. If you have any questions please email or call us, we'll be really happy to have a conversation about your needs.

How much is system set-up?

Nothing. Just complete the form here and a unique account will be created for your organisation. We'll email you all the information you need to start using the service.

Your new account  will contain all of the assessments detailed on this website. You can try them free of charge. After the trial period has ended you can simply purchase “credit” (assessment units) to continue to use the service.

How much does it cost to add a candidate?

Nothing. We only charge you for the successful completion of a questionnaire.

How much does it cost to generate a report?

Nothing. We only charge for completed questionnaires – you can generate as many reports as you wish.

Charging principles

You purchase system assessment units from us. Each completed assessment uses a different number of units as per the following table (if you invite someone to complete a test and they don’t do it, you don’t get charged):

Units per Completed Assessment

Assessment Units
360* 30
Personality 20
Connect 10
Sift 5
Ability 5
Situational Judgement 5
Drivers 20

* fee includes the Candidate (the focus of the assessment) and all raters

Report generation is unlimited - where multiple reports are available in 360 or Personality applications there is no charge for generating additional reports on the same individual.

Pricing Bands

The smallest number of units you can purchase is 120 as per the following pricing bands.

Band Units £ per Unit
Base 120 £2.00
Standard 121 - 500 £1.50
Premium 501 - 2,500 £1.00
Enterprise 2,500 - 10,000 £0.75
Unlimited 10,000+ Please contact us

Assessment Units are not time limited and never expire. Meaning purchasing higher volumes just makes every assessment cheaper.


To help you work out exactly how many units you need and the associated cost please use the following calculator.

Simply insert the number of candidates you want to assess (this might be over a year or for a specific project).


No. of Candidates

a. 360

b. Personality

c. Connect

d. Insight

e. Ability

f. Situational Judgement

g. Drivers




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