Engagement surveys promise remarkable organisational benefits – however, data is typically anonymous – meaning you simply don’t understand the experiences and priorities of individuals. Drivers changes that by providing individual insight to (finally) unlock the potential of your people:

  • Organisations with highly engaged employees have 18% higher productivity and 12% higher profitability

  • Engaged employees are 4 times more likely to recommend their organisation as a great place to work and its services/products to others

  • Disengaged employees take 3 times more sick days than engaged employees

  • Organisations with low engagement levels have 62% more accidents and 51% higher levels of employee theft.


What exactly is Drivers?

Drivers has been developed by an expert team of Occupational Psychologists. At the heart of the questionnaire is a thoroughly researched model that breaks the working experience into 14 core areas.

The individual rates:

  • The experience of these 14 areas in their current role
  • How important each area is to their engagement/ commitment to the organisation
  • Identifies actions that would provide positive change in each area
  • Establishes the extent to which they have been set-up to succeed
    • Clarity - how clear they are in relation to what is expected and how performance is measured
    • Confidence - the extent to which they feel they will be successful
    • Enablement - the extent to which they feel that the organisation provides the necessary support to be successful.

Drivers will help you to:

  • Identify if an individual is intending to stay or leave.

  • Provide absolute clarity on what is really important to the individual whilst also helping to understand their current experience of working for you.

  • Generate actions that will increase personal engagement and reduce the chance of resignation.

  • The Drivers report has been developed after years of research. It has been designed with the candidate in mind and helps individuals truly understand what drives them and encourages ownership of the actions identified.


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