This is very different from other 360 assessment services

No set-up charges and no training requirements. It's just £30 for each self/focus (all completed raters are free), with supporting workbooks and action planning.

All reporting is free.


We have two 360 competency models – one specifically focused on Management & Leadership roles and the other on Professional & Graduate roles. They have been designed by occupational psychologists with a huge amount of research knowledge and practical experience of using 360 questionnaires in organisations.


Measuring what matters

FeedForward 360 gathers insights from the individual, their "manager", colleagues, direct reports and others who interact with them.

Action Orientated

FeedForward 360 is based on the assumption that positive change is possible. It delivers clear, constructive, practical actions enabling the individual to confidently move forward.

Speed & Efficiency

FeedForward 360 is completed in a fraction of the time normally associated with 360 projects. This dramatically reduces the true cost of 360 – the hours of time spent completing questionnaires.

User Experience

Beautifully designed to be completed on any device making the process an enjoyable and thought provoking experience for everyone. We can use your brand and tone to truly engage your people.

Your Content

We can take your existing competency models and 360 frameworks and make them FeedForward 360 ready. Or we can tweak our content.

Why use us

We have worked incredibly hard to ensure that our thinking is contemporary and our systems are everything that you need them to be.

Use it

We are confident enough in what we do to let you use it, for free.


Any smart phone, any tablet and any computer.


We are private, secure and GDPR compliant.

Beautifully designed

We've created wonderful user and candidate experiences.

Trusted by hundreds of the world's best workplaces

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