What does good look like?

FindingPotential is designed to make it much easier for you to recruit and develop people by applying some science, structure and objectivity to the process. However, being able to identify the critical behaviours that make for success in any role can be tricky. Knowing what “good” looks like is the foundation of any valid, reliable and predictive assessment process.

This (free) service is designed to help you create a success profile for any job and can be used in job design/ re-design, recruitment, performance management and development situations.

You will need just 10 minutes to complete a structured “competency” based questionnaire.

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Firstly, choose your competency model:

  • Management & Leadership Roles

    • Eleven leadership and management competencies grouped into three core competency areas of Managing Self, Managing Others and Managing the Business.

    • Click here to view detailed descriptions of the competencies.

  • General Roles

    • Sixteen competencies proven to underpin workplace effectiveness grouped into competency areas of Relationship Management, Execution Focus and Personal Effectiveness.

    • Click here to view detailed descriptions of the competencies measured.

When you are ready, you'll need to fill in a simple form and then complete our questionnaire - the questionnaire is designed to help you focus on the key behaviours that are important for success in the role. You will find it a thought-provoking experience.

Once completed, you'll be able to access, download or print your Job Success Profile.


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If you would like an objective evaluation of the people you are thinking of hiring or are doing the job already, please use our Personality Questionnaires which link the competencies you will identify for job success with the candidate's preferred working styles.

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